About Us

Cogency’s consultants are seasoned industry professionals

Cogency was founded by four chemical industry professionals in 2001, each of whom have spent their whole career managing, leading and advising chemical industry companies.

Each has a distinct background, experience and competencies, and thus Cogency’s senior team has a strong mix of functional expertise.

  Steve Butler   Sandy Dobbie   Philip Morrish   Paul Smith




1. Four Directors:
• One is ‘Client Director’ for each PE house.
• One is ‘Project Manager’ on every assignment.

2. Core Team:
12-15 associates who have worked with Cogency many times, are ‘tried & tested’.  Mostly senior technical/commercial people, with >25 years’ experience – all ‘chemical sector veterans’, each with specific expertise, either in a sub-sector (e.g. in pharmaceutical fine chemicals, polymers, or agrochems), or in a particular function or activity

3. General Associates:
Senior technical and commercial experts, with very specific knowledge and insights. Involved on a one-off basis, in projects where they have directly relevant expertise.

These general associates may be already known to us (i.e. to the directors or regular associates), or we may use our extensive networks to find exactly the ‘right’ person for the project. Either way, their input is tightly managed and quality-controlled.

Confidentiality is critical in M&A. Of course, signing up to a NDA or CA is standard practice – and every associate is compelled to sign up to the same set of terms and conditions that Cogency has accepted for the project in question.