Steve Butler

Founded Cerebra Consulting in 1992, an industrial market strategy and change management practice, focused on the chemical sector. In 2001, he was a co-founder of Cogency; Cerebra and Cogency operate in parallel, offering complimentary services.

Prior to 1992, was Head of Industrial Strategy Consulting for a major audit firm. In 27 years of consulting, he has completed ~350 assignments for ~85 clients, ranging from a few days’ work to multi-project engagements spanning several years – plus involvement in some ~100 Cogency projects.

Steve is a career consultant with an INSEAD MBA (1986). All of his clients (outside of Cogency) have been industrial companies, >80% in “chemicals” – from fine and performance chemical producers to market-orientated companies (e.g. construction chemicals; lubricants and lubricant additives; water treatment; foundry chemicals; printing inks), and from chemical distributors and contract manufacturers to multi-business unit specialty chemical groups. Clients have included multinational corporations/PLCs at corporate level, large business unit of major corporates, and smaller, high-growth privately-owned companies.

He has extensive multicultural exposure in both mature and emerging economies. Lived and worked in Europe, Middle East (4 years), Far East and Latin America, and has worked extensively in USA and throughout Europe.

Functional expertise:

Externally focused:

  • Acquisition appraisal & industry analysis
  • Business & market strategy
  • B-2-B brand strategy / brand equity development.

Internally focused (“Business transformations”)

  • Acquisition integration
  • Culture management
  • Organisation design and restructuring in complex international businesses (inc. centralisation/ decentralisation issues)
  • Commercial process development/re-engineering (especially NPD and innovation).

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