Project Teams

Cogency’s totally project-driven approach ensures that you get the best team available for your specific project:

  • Every project is unique, and reflecting this, the ideal team should also be unique, with the optimum mix of expertise and knowledge.
  • Cogency has no employees (see Our Approach), so has no obligation to use particular personnel on any assignment. We are genuinely free to select the best team for the job.
  • We draw our project teams from a large international pool of experts. Typically, these are highly-experienced, “seasoned” executives from within the industry, with real, hands-on, recent experience – moreover who are still active in the industry (we do not use either retired or very junior people).
  • One of Cogency’s directors is ‘Project Manager’ on every assignment, and at least one other director is also involved ; and we are genuinely involved in the project work, thus ensuring Cogency’s high standards are maintained.